Review for Anti-Social Engineering ::

Article Date: 4/23/15, 4:59 PM

Reactivated Suffolk thrashers Anihilated are older than me in every sense of the word. After a short delay they've unleashed Anti Social Engineering, their fifth full-length album, and it makes good on the band's promise to deliver original thrash metal that sounds as vital as it did in the 1980s. Si Cobb's vocals fit that bill perfectly, blending something peculiarly English with the sound of the Teutonic big four. The twin guitar assault is every bit as fast and aggressive as you'd expect and the solos are ear-splittingly fast. Allied to great riffs and the confident craftsmanship of experienced metal musicians, it's a potent mix.

Anihilated are unapologetically and endearingly old school. Despite originally having been rooted in punk their sound has a clean quality that screams 80s thrash where so many newer thrash bands have a hardcore edge, whether they know it or not; Anti Social Engineering is, however, punctuated by some ace breakdowns. Opener 'They Lie We Die', 'The Slaughter Continues' and the title track are fine examples of vintage thrash delivered anew. 'A Vile Congregation' boasts one of the coolest riffs I've heard for a while and delves into the groovier side of thrash. It's an indicator of a band who still know what sounds great over 30 years after they started.