Review for iDeviant ::

Article Date: 11/24/13, 4:55 PM

This weekend has been a lot of talk about "hardness" (cf. DEICIDE Review). But one thing is clear Anihilated are harder than any hard sausage depending went over the bar in our village Landschlachterei. The boys are in fact so hard that still buy 500g black pudding to eat equal to before this has become ever fixed.
With "Scorched Earth Policy", the British have celebrated in 2010 a brilliant comeback. But the fact that they can now reloading such a hammer, would not even I expected. Even the spoken intro of the disk agrees with the listener that in a few seconds all the wickedness of the world will be rotated by the British meat grinder. And indeed, after over 30 years of four has taken no part of his socio-critical attitude. On the contrary!

You hear it but also the nasty thrash metal of the band. Brutal and quickly run over the phone "Death To The Deviant" and "The Threshold Has Been Reached." With "Lord of the Flies", it is then for the first time a little slower, but not less overwhelming. Simon E. Cobb crying again like a madman against all the ills of modern society, sounding like a mixture of Mille and Gery Meskil (PRO PAIN), who was an unwanted vacuum cleaner salesman fiddles opinion. A crude production and rambunctious riffs, reminiscent of bands like Lääz ROCKIT here and there, you do the rest. Along with their fellow countrymen of ONSLAUGHT prove Anihilated anno 2013, that the Heavy Metal history books have not given them in the past wrongly the attention they deserve. Because they have something to say that Britten is shown not least in tracks like "Subliminal" or "Hellforged Mask". And thus the chapel differs alike in many ways from the norm - and that's a good thing. Anihilated represented musically and content for decades, their own values ​​and these are not the values ​​of the allegedly oh so hard and modern metalcore bands that yes it is all about the color of the tattoo, the size of the tunnel and the orientation of the baseball cap.

Now, if additionally tighten XENTRIX with a similarly strong comeback album, the holy trinity with ONSLAUGHT and Anihilated is restored and I'll think to change in the Anglican Church.

Anihilated are different and while listening to "iDeviant" I only have one more thing: The sign "Danger! Demolition in Progress "hanging out!