Review for iDeviant ::

Article Date: 11/25/13, 4:56 PM

iDeviant is Anihilateds second CD after their glorious come back in 2010 with Scorched Earth Policy. After the release nothing much actually happened with the British thrash band, except for some one off gigs in England, Holland, Germany and Norway. This really is a pity because live, Anihilated is really aggressive and bloody awesome and every metalhead should see them performing around town! Maybe there will be some touring around the iDeviant album, who knows?

On the previous CD, the band asked their fans to send pictures of themselves wearing Anihilated shirts or showing their Anihilated collection and they put those pictures in the CD-booklet. On their newest output, they asked some of their devotees from all over the globe to record some of their vocal talents and those were mixed in the intro of the Death To The Deviant track. Im curious of what the band will come up with on their future outputs to please their fans!

iDeviant probably is one of the finest thrash metal albums of all time and definitely deserves its place as a cult classic to be. These guys sound like they are really angry and they delivered a CD that practically spits blood, guts and gore through your speakers. If you have a heart for thrash metal and want to protect its legacy, buy this CD instantly through Killer Metal Records. This is how genuine old school thrash metal with a modern twist is done, enjoy! 

Score: 92/100