Review for Anti-Social Engineering ::

Article Date: 3/23/15, 4:57 PM

In the period where nothing new SLAYER comes on the market, I advise all Thrash
Friends unite and listening to the same length as the Yanks
existing, UK thrashers Anihilated. The musicians are from 34 years ago
the ashes of the punk movement resurrected and have the mangy punk element
perfectly built into the wild Thrash Metal Action. Then, as now. Full
Pot you go forward. Breather there's more than in the short
slow parts. Otherwise, they cut sawing punchy riffs and merciless
Drumming to the eavesdropping cloth. The songs are suitable either to the mat
to let fly or mitbrüllen.
The mighty SLAYER, especially Tom Araya, are ubiquitous. This is
Thrash Metal of the old school with the technical knowledge and passion
to convince and carried away white.

(Translated from German to English using Google Translate)

Score 9/10